Frequently Asked Questions

What is APT?

APT, Academic Planning Tool, is a web app that allows students to map out which courses they want to take in each of their 8 or more semesters at Cornell. APT integrates the student’s course map with the courses of study, course descriptions, median grade reports, and other useful features.

Is APT another Schedulizer?

No, APT is not another Schedulizer. APT is the bigger picture in which you can see all of your semesters at the same time. APT is not for creating a weekly schedule within a single semester.

Is APT free?


Do I have to download and install stuff?

Nope! After you create an account and receive the confirmation email, just login from the Home page, and APT will open right up. If it doesn’t, make sure you have the right system requirements.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use APT?

Yes. Like any other web application, APT stores and accesses all data in a server, not your computer. This way, you can use APT on any computer.

Does APT work on a Macintosh (Apple Mac OS X)?

APT works on 64-bit Intel-based Apple computers running Leopard (OS X 10.5). You must have the latest Java update installed (see Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 1).

For older Apple computers (includes 32-bit Intel based, Tiger and Leopard, and all Power PC based Apples), APT does not work as Apple has not released Java 6 for these configurations.

APT does work on other majors platforms such as Windows and Linux. APT will work on all non-Apple computers available for student use on campus (CIT labs, libraries, etc.).

Where do I save my course plan and how do I retrieve my previous course plan?

When you click Save, the data will be stored in our server. The next time you login into APT, the latest version you saved will appear. This way, you can modify your course map from any computer.

Where does APT obtain its course information?

The course information is obtained from the Cornell Online Courses of Study Catalog.

Why does APT not contain information about Freshman Writing Seminars?

As Freshman Writing seminars change every semester, and their descriptions are not available on the Cornell Courses of Study website, we do not include Freshman Writing seminars in the APT Course Catalog. Instead, we suggest adding a custom course for your Freshman Writing Seminar. You can do this by typing an abbreviation such “FWS” into a blank cell on your course map and then right-clicking the course and selecting “Edit Custom Course” to set the number of credits.