Academic Planning Tool (APT for short) is a tool to help you plan out what courses you want to take over the duration of your entire academic career.

Here’s how you use it:

You begin by telling APT what semester you started and what semester you will graduate in the “Edit Layout” window (button is at the left top of the course map next to the print button).

You then type courses you have already taken, as well as courses you know you will take directly onto the course map:

Each course block contains the course department, number, credits and semesters in which it is offered:

For courses not in the APT database, you can create custom courses.  To do this, type in the course in a blank cell on your course map, right click it, and select “Edit Custom Course”.  You can then set the number of credits for this custom course:

You can easily drag and drop courses to rearrange them on your course map.  APT will alert you if you attempt to drop a course into a semester in which it is not offered:

To browse for additional courses to add to your course map, check out the Courses of Study button at the top left of the application, right next to the Course Map button.  Here you will find the powerful Advanced Search window:

APT provides course descriptions, median grade reports and class sizes from university published data.  If you have a facebook account, you can see what courses your friends have taken or will take provided they too are using APT.

For more information, check out both the screenshots and frequently asked questions tabs at the top of this page.