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Spring 2009 Median Grades + Fall 2009 Course Times

Median Grades from the Spring 2009 semester and course times from the Fall 2009 semester have finally been uploaded, in time for Fall 2010 pre-enrollment.

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Latest Median Grades + New Past Course Roster Data Uploaded

We have uploaded the latest median grade reports, they are available up to Fall 2008 (Spring 2009 median grade reports have not yet been posted on the registrar’s website).

We have also added the ability to see past course roster information (times, locations, professors and grade options) for courses back to the Fall 2004 semester (we are working on getting the current semester’s course roster data into our system).

Note that since Cornell’s transition to the new Peoplesoft system back in the Fall 2008 semester, the course roster data has been more detailed.  You will notice this difference in detail in APT also (specifically with the professor names, which are longer in the new course rosters and include the professor’s netid).

This new feature has been merged with the median grade reports, so you can now see the median grade matched with the professor who taught the course in a given semester.

(Click for larger version)

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Course Data Updated + Minor Application Updates

APT has been updated to use the course data for the 2009-2010 academic year.  We are currently working on getting the latest median grade reports from the Spring 2008 and Fall 2008 semesters (the Spring 2009 median grade reports have not yet been published).

The APT application has also been updated (now at version 0.21c).  Because of this, you should start the application from the launch button on the home page, not from a saved jnlp file on your computer.  If you have issues with APT not starting on your computer, please clear your Java cache and try again (instructions can be found here).

Some may experience issues with the Facebook Friends feature (specifically with activating the feature after having logged into facebook).  We are looking into fixing these issues, and will post an update here when they are resolved.

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APT now in Public Beta

Hi Everyone,

We’ve finally opened up APT to public beta testing. Any Cornell student can now register and start using APT right away.

We are currently in the process of updating the website. The new website will include, among other things, a place to enter your suggestions and report any bugs you may encounter (this is a beta after all!). Until then, you can email either suggestions or bug reports to my cornell email at aah39 [at] cornell [dot] edu.

Thanks for checking out APT!

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